“What you create doesn’t have to be perfect. So what if the eggs are greasy or the toast is burned? Don’t let fear of failure discourage you.”
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Works in Progress

I have been sewing quite a bit this past month, just not blogging.  I am terrible at taking pictures, which may be the main reason for this blog.  It forces me to record the things I have made.  I give a lot of stuff away and a few times I have seen a friend with a blanket and almost asked where they got it!  I think it's outta sight outta mind.  And it's usually been quite a long time since I gifted the item when that happens.  Anyway I don't usually do a lot of WIP's, but I have a lot right now and I want some motivation to stay on task and some progress shots.

I have seen a lot of flag quilts hanging around these days.  Mostly they are Union Jacks, which I love and will try one day.  In the mean time I decided to get out a bunch of orange, white, and green scraps and put together an Irish Flag quilt.  I haven't quite decided on what to back it with quite yet.  I love the way it turned out though.  I am shocked at how many scraps I have left in these colors.  I am not great at scrappy quilts and this is really my first true attempt.  I will be making more!

My third baby turned five this past week and I made her a new coat for this winter.  The pattern is by Favorite things and I have had it for quite some time.  I made Jack a coat from the pattern seven or eight years ago.  I used the Sophie fabric by Chez Moi by Moda.  I lined it with some minky and have batting between the  layers, it is super soft and super warm.  She loved it!

 I cut the name off the selvedge and sewed it onto the front and on the inside. 

This is a Halloween quilt kit I bought years ago at Deseret Book when they had a Mormon Handicraft section and the store was inside the mall.  I finally decided to put it together and now I just need to get it ready for quilting.  I have been wanting to try basting spray and I think this is the project I am going to start with.

This quilt has been coming together slowly over a long time.  I posted about it long ago before I had the borders sewn.  Well, now it is all pinned and ready to quilt.  I just want to make sure and get the quilting right, so it's a bit slow.

The Broadbent's Modern Quilt group had a patriotic stripe swap over the past session.  For three months everyone exchanged eight inch striped fabric blocks.  I cut the blocks into two and a half inch strips then pieced them together with white.  I offset each row to get a feel that it's waving.  You can see the large striped fabric peeking out on the bottom, it's also pinned and ready to quilt.  It is what I would call a plus sized throw.  Not a full twin sized, but pretty close.

I have a lot of projects I want to start on the horizon, but I really need to finish these up first.  September was a busy month.  I have hope that October will afford me a bit more sewing time.

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